Digital Platform Launch

She’s a bit much online publication and platform launched on the 4th of September 2021 at Market Gallery in Glasgow. During the event, Catalina and Jude presented their research in conversation with Conor Baird as an invited respondent. Conor performed two new monologues, Mystery Sequence and Falling Over, which were written specially to bookend the launch. You can find both texts on the She’s a bit much Works page and documentation of our conversation and Conor’s performance below.

“She’s a bit much” considers thresholds one can cross into the excessive, in correlation with the gendered, racial and sexual dynamics of these parameters. “She’s a bit much” explores the performativity of these thresholds in relation to ranting. Here, the rant is manifested in writing, mediated monologues, and drawing. The project hosts writing, performance documentation, research links and transcribed conversations between Catalina, Jude and their invited contributors; Conor, Lía García, Anne Lesley Selcer and Nico Novatore.

Audio and photographic documentation by Isobel Lutz-Smith.