She’s a bit much is an online research and alternative publishing platform devised by Catalina Barroso Luque and Jude Browning. Our project hosts writing, performance documentation, research links, and transcribed conversations between ourselves (Catalina and Jude) and our invited contributors: Conor Baird, Lía García, Anne Lesley Selcer, and Nico Novatore.

Initiated to maintain conversations about new writing, live performance, and intimacy, in relation to new and old attachments as well as to ways of making art during lockdown. Our early conversations drew on daily experiences of walking around on the street, current affairs, romantic entanglements and encounters antithetical to care or tenderness.

She's a bit much considers thresholds one can cross into the excessive, in correlation to the gendered delineation of these parameters. Our project pauses where the acceptable touches on unpalatable excess. She’s a bit much explores the performativity of these thresholds in relation to ranting. Here, the rant is manifested in writing, mediated monologues, and drawing. She’s a bit much inverts a presupposed lack of seriousness, which is pejoratively disregarded when one tunes out.

She’s a bit much produces a dynamic of speaking at cross purposes. As one prattles on, she confounds conventional presentations and performances of credibility with overt emotional displays. She’s a bit much can be depressed, lonely, sensitive, needy, sick, and defensive.

The rant can release pent-up emotions, yet the act often propels an intense drive to continue. The pleasure of ranting is exhaustive, indulgent, masturbatory. Pain calcifies to make her brittle. She’s a bit much can be dolorous and draining. At 3am and drunk She’s a bit much is a bore. Her excessive speech resounds as flatly impassioned monotones.

She’s a bit much is excited by high femme camp as a mode of hyperbolic effeminacy nurtured by writing and performance. She is a bit much is fantastically extravagant and visually frenetic, embellished with gold plating, curls and filigree. She displays an irrational need for ornamentation that gives way to an unruly fear of empty space, her hybridity veiled behind a tropicalised form of exuberant excess.

Ella, elle, elli, ellx – the difference is slight, swift. Ella se excede. Elle es demasiado. Ellx es exuberante. Elli se viste de crinolinas y satín. She is a bit much es una diva. Una reina. La patrona de las rosas. Las dalias, las azaleas y un clavel. Flores que adornan un altar de vocales y consonantes: a, e, x, i.

Ellx is a bit much, cloyingly sweet. A mixture of sugar cane and agave; glittery white crystals on dark skin. Ellx wears a corset decorated with a web of hand-sewn plastic pearls that don’t let her breathe. She is a bit much es una perra, una gata. Ellx is perceived as violent and cheap.

She's a bit much embraces exuberance as a method, but exuberance is also repetitious and alienating. There is a strong connection to the confessional, which does not mean She's a bit much attaches confessional acts of writing and speaking to victimhood and self-pity. She's a bit much lets things go on too long and fails to get an elegant ending.

Catalina Barroso-Luque is a Mexican artist, writer and arts programmer who often works with others. Her current practice plays with animality, sex and female relationship, engaging in a hybrid aesthetic that crosses languages, cultures and genders.

Jude Browning is a Glasgow-based artist and event programmer, interested in historical modes of public speaking and theatrical performance. Her artworks often take the form of monologues, which are self-authored, appropriated and misremembered.

Nico Novatore spends a lot of time at home dreaming about plants. They often ruminate on how many lives were involved in feeding their body, collecting and moving all the materials needed for them to survive for long enough to exist inside a sandstone box in Glasgow building this website.

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